Psychic Seminars

Join Donna as she openly and honestly talks about the signs and symptoms of opening up ability wise. Everything you wanted to know, what to expect, how it will effect you, the good and bad points, the ups and downs in a live fashion platform style seminar.

You can ask as many questions as you want, have weird unexplained things been happening to you? Have you been thinking something and then someone says it? Have you had a nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach that won't go away? Have you had a dream and then it comes true? Do you wake up depressed, angry, sad and don't know why? Then maybe this will help you to understand what is happening to you, no, you're not going crazy! We will openly and honestly discuss "everything" that comes with the 3rd eye opening.

WHEN- Sunday the 11th of March at 2pm-4pm doors open at 1.30pm

WHERE- The Shell Club, Purnell road, Corio 

TICKETS- $15 each, purchase below or at the Venue

Lunch is available before the show, book a table 52754061, Tea/Coffee included in the ticket price, short break in between talks.

Open to ages 15+ and everyone will recieve a Dragons Blood Incense stick which Donna uses for protection , 3rd Eye Bracelets will be available for purchase ( Amethyst )

Don't be scared, you might actually learn something so why not come along for a squizz!