Donnas Doorway is now going "live" through her Facebook page. Donna will be doing a weekly session mainly of a Sunday afternoon of live Psychic/Medium Readings, group and private, Teaching, talking about abilities, signs, symptoms etc and all "live" raw and uncut, Donna does tend to occasionally drop the F bomb! These will run for approx 30 minutes and totally free of charge.

Simply click the grey F symbol on the top right of the page to follow Donna live on Facebook. All live sessions are uploaded on the Donnas Doorway page, simply go to the "video" section and you can watch them anytime.

Make sure you tune into the Donnasdoorway page to partcipate.

Donna is also doing these for free and volunteering her time but you are more than welcome to make a donation, anything will be greatly appreciated, simply click the Donate button and you can add the amount you wish to donate.

You can also message Donna to put your name down to join in one of her group readings and go "live" Email or text 0438 733 395