*NEW* instead of face to face readings Donna is now offering a 30 minute live Video reading. This is the closest she could get to offering a face to face. In a Face reading you would choose between 7 different Crystal bracelets, in this video reading Donna will still get you to choose a color and your bracelet will be posted out to you along with a packet of Dragons Blood incense ( AUS residents only ) the reading will be done via Facebook messenger.  These video readings are done of a Saturday only between 10am and 12pm, scroll to the bottom of the page to purchase $145. You can even hold up pics for Donna to tune into!

Face to face readings are on hold for the time being due to this virus, but Phone readings and NEW Video  readings WILL be still available on weekends instead of face to face. Donna will still tune in the same way and get the information across from Spirit and pass it on to you .  You can email pics ( either of yourself, a partner or passed over loved one ) for your reading to psychicmedium1111@gmail.com and Donna can still tune into them.

Phone Readings, Facebook Messenger Readings-

Phone/Video readings are only available on these days-

Friday's between 10am and 6.30pm Phone only

Saturday's between 10am and 12pm-Video only

Sunday's 10am-12pm Phone

Phone Readings are much cheaper and have much less of a wait than Face to Face Readings as Donna can do them in her PJ's and in the comfort of her own home. Phone Readings work exactly the same way as a Face to Face in fact Donna prefers them as they are way less draining for her and she can do them after hours too! They are mainly held on a Thursday, Friday and some weekends. Donna does NOT use any form of Cards in her readings, she uses Crystals and colors and speak directly with Spirit.

You can even email Donna pics to tune into as well before your reading. Donna being a Psychic/Medium and a very strong Empath can "feel" emotions etc remotely and still receives the messages from Spirit exactly the same way as by doing a Face to Face Reading.

Once you have purchased either a 15 minute or a 30 minute phone reading, you will be emailed via your Paypal statement a day/time etc and your reading will be booked in, there is normally a week wait for phone readings and up to a month with face to face readings.

Donna can still tune into your passed over loved one via phone, pets included but it is wise to email a pic as well and that includes living people too!

Donna even calls you, mobiles are fine!

Phone readings are available for Australian residents only, for over seas clients your reading will be done via Facebook Messenger and Donna will also call you in a live fashion. Scroll below to purchase- If you don't have Paypal then you can pay via bank transfer, just email psychicmedium1111@gmail.com or Text   0438 733 395 for details. 

Phone-Messenger,  reading 15 minutes- $78

 Phone-Messenger reading 30 minutes-$125

New-live Video reading 30 minutes $145