*PLEASE NOTE* Donna is off until June 2021
so no readings will be conducted until then.

 Donna is NOW doing Email readings. These consist of one, two or three questions for various prices. Once you have made the purchase,  Donna will reply to the email  address linked to your Paypal and she will then ask you for your question/s and if you have any pics for her to tune into.   The pics you email to Donna can be of a living person inc yourself, a partner or a passed over loved one, inc animals, if doing so please state that the person is living or passed and who they are to you ie father etc, that saves Donna a lot of time tuning in.

Please keep your questions to the point EG-

My partner and I recently separated, will we get back together ( pic advised )?

What career should I be looking at?

Will I move house and when?

Please allow up to 5 days for Donna to do your reading once she receives payment. You can purchase below-

One question email reading $46


Two question email reading $66


Three question email reading $88