Four week online video spiritual development course

Join Ellie and I for a 4 week online video course done via Facebook. There will be a special group opened on Facebook for this, once you have paid for your monthly subscription via the link below ( Paypal ) you will then be added into the group so you must have a Facebook account.

Each week we will discuss in full detail all the signs, symptoms of opening up spiritually, psychically etc.

We will also do things such as guided meditation where you will meet either a Spirit Guide or a passed over loved one and be able to sit in a room and communicate with them. We will also discuss tools of the trade, Crystals, Cards, Empathy, Energies, Abilities, basically just the basics to do with opening up and understanding your abilities and the next phase of your spiritual journey and how to deal with it. ( We will also down the track open another group for advanced students , which will cover more topics such as Psychometry, Mediumship, Remote Viewing etc )

These weekly sessions will be held of a Friday night 8.30 pm AEST and run for an hour or so, we are also keeping the groups quite small so you can feel comfortable and ask as many spiritual related questions as you want and Ellie and I are more than happy to answer them. 

If you have watched our "lives" on Facebook every Thursday night then you would have seen how open, down to earth and honest Ellie and I are, we tell it like it is especially when it's related to anything Spiritual.

So, if you think you are ready to start tapping into, opening up and learning how to tune into your abilities then why not give it a go, if nothing else you will have a ball! We will keep this group open once the course has finished so you can all keep chatting and hopefully you meet some beautiful like minded people and part of your soul family, Ellie and I will drop in occasionally to keep answering questions etc even after the sessions have finished. 

The first TEN people to purchase their spot will get an early entry into the group where Ellie and I will do some reads, Ellie cards and I psychic!

WHEN- Friday the 11th of October

TIME- 8.30-9.30+ PM AEST

WHERE- Done live via video chat through a Facebook group

COST- $155 for the entire 4 weeks.