Text 0438 733 395 to put your name down now starting soon in 2021

DAY CLASS- 10am start 3-4pm finish, lunch tea/coffee provided, all materials provided and included in the price. This is a very detailed full on class where we will start at the very beginning and by the time the class ends, you will have "read" another person in the group with great accuracy. These are only small so limited numbers available. Please TEXT your name and DAY CLASS to 0438 733 395 to put your name down also state which date suits you. Cost is $130 ( payable on the day in cash ) for the day and if you're interested you can continue with the weekly class-read below!



WEEKLY CLASSES held of a Friday night


Donna is now going to be doing advanced Psychic Awareness "weekly" Classes, this will benefit my previous students who have done the day one and anyone else who wants to learn how to use their abilities or just enhance them, understand the "signs" the "feelings" and talk openly and honestly with like minded people who won't judge. It will be a 6 weekly thing, 2.5 hours of a Friday evening or a Saturday morning, supper etc included. We will be  keeping them small at a maximum of 10, cost is $300 upfront or $50 PW,  So, for 6 weeks we will have the same group of people which we can learn, get comfortable, practice on each other etc. I have a list of things we will be doing ( scroll down ) and all in a very comfortable country environment 20 minutes from Geelong ( Address supplied upon booking )  If interested please either email Donna direct psychicmedium1111@gmail.com Text/Phone 0438 733 395. Donna is SO excited to be able to offer these classes as they have been quite a few years in the making!

PLEASE NOTE- A $50 deposit MUST be paid for the 1st Class only to guarentee your spot, then it will be $50 weekly due on the night. Pay your deposit below

  1st Class $52 deposit 

 You can pay the full fee of $300 now via Paypal if you wish, just scroll below.

Have you- Ever had a sense of DeJaVu? Ever thought of a person you have not seen nor heard from in ages and bang, they contact you? Ever suffered from Anxiety for NO reason, panic attacks? Ever felt sick, hot, panic in a Hospital environment? Ever had an awful feeling in the pit of your stomach? Ever felt depressed and not know why? Ever cried or felt an uncontrollable sadness while watching the News or even Reading about it? Ever finished off someone sentence for them? Ever seen a person for the first time and think, "I know you" but can't figure out where from? Ever seen a Spirit, felt one, smelt one? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you DO have abilities and NO you are NOT going Crazy and maybe my Class will help you understand "what" is happening around and to you.

These classes are designed for bringing out Abilities, understanding the signs, the feelings or just for enhancing them.

They are structured in laymans terms and all based on Donna's experiences.

Donna has designed these classes to be full of activities, fun and enjoyment.

They are also held in small numbers, so they are more intimate this way as she likes "everyone" to be able to join in.

Some of the activities include-

Psychometry- Where everyone will hold an object belonging to someone else in the room and you "Read" it. We will also be reading photo's too!

Aura readings, Meditation, tuning into Spirit

Psychic Games, Open discussions, Experiences, Psychic Exercises and much more.

Also note-

No Alcohol to be consumed before or during Classes.


Payment in full $300



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