All hand made by Donna herself, perfectly balanced and charged with positive Energy. They come in 5 different Crystals/Colours ( please state which colour you want by using the drop down menu on payment )

The Pendulum is used for asking Spirit a YES/NO question. Hold it in your left hand by the little crystal ball attached to the top, relax, get comfortable, ( I find it easier to rest your elbow on table etc ) and ask it a question where you know the answer is definately a yes ( like your name ) see which way it starts to swing then do the same for a NO answer, always note though, every time you put your Pendulum down you break the energy/connection, so each time you want to ask it a question, you need to do the YES/NO thing each and every time because chances are, the Pendulm will swing a different way every time. If you have never used one before, it may take awhile before you start to see it move at all, be patient, get to know it, name it if you wish.

The 5 choices available are- Each Pendulum is an avaerage of 22-23cm long.

Rose Quartz-Pink


Clear Quartz-Clear



Each Pendulum is made from all natural Crystals/silver beads and chain. They are $32 each which includes postage to AUS only. For Overseas they are $42 which again includes shipping. Don't forget, when you make your purchase through Paypal, use the drop down menu to choose your colour. Scroll below for pics, make a great present!








All Dream Catchers are hand made by Donna and inspired by her Native American Guides. You can choose the size you want, 30cm ring or a 50cm ring, you can also choose 3 base colours which you can do in your message to seller via Paypal. Please note that you will need to choose the outer ring colour, ie Black, the Web, Silver, Pink, Purple, Blue, White, Brown etc, OR you can just say, I like Pink, Purple and White and Donna can create it for you, which is what most people do. All materials used are of the highest of quality, all natural Crystals too! Once you have chosen what colours stand out for you, Donna will then make your Dream Catcher tuning into her Guides and Yours, no two are ever the same! Prices are as follows and please note, the materials aren't cheap to purchase and then there is Donna's time , the web alone can take up to 3 hours and most bits are quite fiddly. Donna can also make a traditional Native American one in all natural tones using Leather, please note these are more expensive!

Donna is also holding day classes in Inverleigh starting in January where she will teach you how to make your very own. These classes will be from 10am-3pm, price is $80 Per Person inc all materials and light lunch. They will be starting in January of a Sunday ( SUNDAY JANUARY THE 29TH ) you can put your name down via emailing psychicmedium1968@gmail.com or texting 0438733395 A $30 deposit MUST be paid before your name can go on the list, this is to cover all materials.


30cm Ring $70 inc postage in Australia, for overseas customers $90 inc postage/shipping.

50cm Ring, ( pick up is prefured $100 ) but can post for $120, over seas $150, all Buy it Now buttons are listed below!

An example- this one is titled Dragonfly Dreaming-




This one by far is Donna's best creation, hand made especially for one of Donna's good friends in the US, the centre piece is the one and only Lemmy Kilmister and his son Paul, printed on canvas. This is was a challenge as it is made from an actual Hoola Hoop so was massive!