I have done many Psychic Awareness classes over the years and helped many people open up and come to terms with their abilities, so now it's time I started doing them Worldwide and thanks to all this new technology, I can!

After upgrading to an amazing new Tablet I am now offering my services as a Psychic/Medium to help guide YOU with your abilities by offering these new one on one Video sessions. So, how do they work?

Well, once you have purchased we will set up a time that suits us both, these sessions will go for 60 minutes and can be done via Skype, Zoom or Facebook Messenger but be aware if done via Facebook you cannot keep your session, if done via Skype or Zoom you can so you can always go back and re watch it at any time.

We will start from the very beginning, talk about the signs, symptoms of opening up spiritually ( as there are quite a lot of unpleasant ones ) we will discuss Empathy,  and you can ask any questions you like ( no psychic questions, just about spirituality ) and because I am so open and honest , you can just be yourself, no hiding or feeling uncomfortable with who YOU really are! I have also discovered that people DO want to learn but find it uncomfortable doing it in group sessions as in face to face so again another reason why I knew I had to start doing these video sessions because of course, you are in the comfort of your own home.

So, if you are just curious to see IF you do have these abilities and are ready to start tapping into them and maybe even using them then why not give it a try? Start with one session and if you wish to continue and enhance your abilities even more, you can purchase the package of 4 weekly lessons at a cheaper rate. Please note, if purchasing the 4 weekly package, every week we will discuss a new topic and I will teach you how to do Remote Viewing , signs of Spirit presence, communicating with Spirit, Psychometry ( the reading of photo's and objects ) all about Crystals and even how to use the Pendulum!

So, are YOU ready to start your spiritual journey, if so then the links to purchase are below.

One 60 minute session $88



Four by 60 minute weekly sessions discount $300